High Speed Rail Phase 2

Our Phase 2 of the X Train project is to upgrade the existing rail line between Daggett, California and Las Vegas into a HSR (High Speed Rail) corridor capable of running the X Train passenger trains at 120 mph. This corridor is 175.8 miles long and has 29 sidings on it. Regular passenger train speed is set at 79 mph, but with the appropriate rail improvements, PTC controls, and installation of switching, the time to travel this distance would drop from its scheduled 3.46 hours to 2.5 hours, thus cutting off over an hour in travel time.

In addition, by making the line a double track main line, not only would our passenger trains travel faster, but the freight railroad traffic would improve its speed also.

The project cost is $414 million, which includes a $52 million new station in Las Vegas. The follow on is to construct a 500 room “X Hotel” on the property so travelers on the X Train can arrive in our station/lobby and have their stay in Las Vegas at our hotel.

Executive Summary

LA to Las Vegas in 4.5 hours
  • Using Existing Rails
  • 371,000 thousand passengers per year
  • LA Union Station origination point
  • New Terminal in Las Vegas
  • 500 Unit Condo/Hotel in Vegas Station

Operational Units

Implementation Phasing

PHASE 1 Conventional Rail The proposed service will feature an exciting “Las Vegas” style experience on the train, while traversing the 337-mile route in approximately 5.5  hours  Top speed 79 mph
  • The Company will use existing, privately owned railroad trackage and existing private railcars
  • 371,000 passengers per year
PHASE 2 – High Speed Rail
  • Upgrade 100 miles of track for 120 mph speed
  • 4.0 hour trip one way
  • Carry over 1 million passengers
PHASE 3 – Hotel/Casino Property Development
  • Build 500 room upscale “The X” hotel above station
  • Boutique casino in hotel
  • Train ridership stays at The X Hotel

High Speed to Las Vegas on Existing Tracks


–Create an infrastructure development plan for HSR that will:

1.Enable Las Vegas Xpress (X Train) to travel at high speed of 120 mph
2.Mitigate delay to freight traffic incurred as a result of X Train’s infrastructure improvements

Development Plan

–Enable Las Vegas Xpress (X Train) to travel at high speed of 120 mph

1.Add additional high grade rail to connect the line sidings
2.Upgrade sidings to take higher speed rail traffic
3.Install PTC throughout the line
4.Installation in three phases

X Train Route & Corridor Overview

Cima / LA Sub Stats

– 175.4 tot mi (172.3 mi on Cima Sub)

– All Centralized Traffic Control

– Max EB Grade = 2.2 pct (Cima Hill)

– Max WB Grade = 1.0 pct

– 25 total sidings: 12 < 6,000’; 9 >8,500’ (12 bonded)

Train Route with Proposed Improvements

Project Cost

Manix – Kelso      $137,000,000

Kelso – Nipton     $156,800,000

Nipton – Maule    $43,600,000

PTC Install        $25,000,000

LV Train Station     $52,000,000

Total                     $414,400,000