LA to VEGAS in 4.5 hours

Las Vegas Xpress

X train, Inc., is in the business of operating certain passenger rail routes for excursions between metropolitan areas and resort/casino destinations and putting them under the X Train brand. We have operated the Santa Fe Southern Railway, WSRY, and X Wine Railroad. The Company has purchased the Key Holidays excursion service running from Oakland, Ca. to Reno NV planning to re-open on February 14, 2021. Amtrak ran the service for Key Holidays for many years and we are now preparing to operate the service directly with a deal with Union Pacific under the banner The Reno Xpress. We own the Las Vegas Xpress, the first luxury train service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The company believes that it will have secured the necessary rights, equipment and facilities required to commence commercial service in late 2021 for the LA to LV route.

Executive Summary

LA to Las Vegas in 4.5 hours

  • Using Existing Rails
  • 371,000 thousand passengers per year
  • LA Union Station origination point
  • New Terminal in Las Vegas at the Rio
  • 500 Unit Condo/Hotel in Vegas Station

Implementation Phasing

PHASE 1 Conventional Rail The proposed service will feature an exciting “Las Vegas” style experience on the train, while traversing the 337-mile route in approximately 5.5  hours  Top speed 79 mph
  • The Company will use existing, privately owned railroad trackage and existing private railcars
  • Las Vegas Xpress, Inc. will operate under Amtrak’s for operating rights on the LA/Vegas route
  • 371,000 passengers per year
PHASE 2 – Hotel/Casino Property Development
  • Build 500 room upscale “The X” hotel above station
  • Boutique casino in hotel (operated under Rio Hotel gaming license)
  • Train ridership stays at The X Hotel
PHASE 3 – High Speed Rail
  • Upgrade 100 miles of track for 120 mph speed
  • 4.0 hour trip one way
  • Carry over 1 million passengers
PHASE 4 – National Expansion

Route and Route Ownership

Existing rail infrastructure will be utilized to traverse the route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

The Route

Route Ownership

  • The proposed route of the X-Train is approximately 337 miles beginning in Los Angeles, stopping at Fullerton, California and proceeding non-stop to the destination at Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The railroad rights-of-way (ROW), over which passenger train service could operate between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, include privately and publicly owned segments
  • The privately-held portions are owned either by BNSF Railway (BNSF) or by Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)

Vegas on and off the train – Club X

– On board Vegas style experience

– Service staff in Vegas style attire

– Table service

– VIP service via our Club X Membership for Off the train entertainment

– Revenue generator while ridership is in town We earn commission for activity our ridership spends at clubs off the train

Equipment – Unique Private Railcars

New Design - 52 Seat Club Car

8-4 Top Seating Booths=32 Seats

16-Individual Seats

2-2 People Lounge Seats=4 Seats

52 Seats Total

Food & Beverage like no Other

  • Each train will consist of 10 private rail cars
  • Cars are expected to have a maximum of 40 passengers at reserved seats
  • Passengers will have the run of the train & can sample food from a gourmet selection at reasonable costs
  • Gourmet meals and alcoholic beverages are separate charges
  • Wi-Fi and flat screen broadcast entertainment will also be available
  • These are actual pictures of X Train railcars which will be utilized on the rail route.

Metrolink Feeder System

Phase 1 Proposed Las Vegas Station